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    stocking question

    ok im setting up the 66.5 gallon tank as salt water in the near future...have been planning it for a while now and came up with the following fish list..i know i cant add them all at once and it will be gradually over time but let meknow what you think of the list and if its possible to keep these together in a 66 gal.

    2 oscellaris clowns
    1 flame angel
    1 bi-color angel
    1 royal gramma
    and looking at adding possibly 1 other fish undecided either a goby or a blenny.

    let me know and give me suggestions of where im going wrong if any


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    Is this going to be a fish only tank? If so I don't think you will have any issues with the # of fish you intend to keep and I have attached a link to a fish compatibility web page.

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    This would be fine for A Fish only tank, But you add corals.. they might Nip..

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    What about the 2 angels?Might be some problem there,in a tank that size.

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    Bicolor angels get up to 6". That probably won't be a lot of swimming room in a 66 with another angel.

    FYI we just added a second cherub angel (agri) to our 90 gal and with the second one being an obvious juveline (~3/4" versus the large almost 3") the large one is now showing signs of trying to mate. You might want to do some research to see if Flame angels could possibly be housed the same way.

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    You may want to think carefully about the angels. The 440 watts of VHO I sent you will let you grow just about any coral in that size tank. At some point you will probably "get the urge" to put some coral in there.

    When that happens, you'll be spending a bunch of time breaking down the tank to get the angels out. Some angels are OK with corals, but it is pretty much trial and error. I love angels too but I started loving SPS and clams more


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    i agree with being careful with the angels. the bicolour is the largest of the dwarf angels and at 6 inches, it would be very cramped. i noticed that my first cherub angel (which was only 2" at the time) wasn't always the happiest in my 50 gallon with only 2 percs and a blennie as company. i'd go with a blennie instead of another angel, they have tonnes of personality and are fairly hardy and get along with everything else you are looking at getting.

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    ok thanks everyone for the responses, i think i might reconsider some of the fish, just out of curiosity if i take out the clowns could i keep the 2 angels?? or are there other angels i could keep witht the flame in a 66

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    I don't see a problem with angels and clowns. They shouldn't even bother each other. The problem I forsee is adding the second angel once the first is established. That could be disastrous.. I'd suggest adding the angels last and at the same time. But if corals are in your future, that bicolor especially, will be a problem. You might get away with the flame.
    A potters, coral beauty, cherub, rusty angel are all better choices as they stay in the same size range as the flame. The genicanthus family is also a better choice- they are even reef safe. And you might find a pair

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    well thinking about a flame angel 2 oscellaris clowns, a lawn moower blenny, royal gramma and a coral beauty that look any better??

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