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    Temperature regulation

    What kind of temperature swing is acceptable between the tank temperature at night and the temperature during the day?

    Last night I looked at the temp of the tank, 80.2 and this morning I checked and it was 77.8 Is this too large of a swing in temperature?

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    2 degrees, really should not make a huge difference.. I mean think in reality, The ocean Is never ever the same..

    have you ever been to a resort or anything.. Someone once told me that when they where in Fiji, that they accually found the water alittle too warm around 2pm to swim in ( ocean) that they prefered swimming at 8am or 6-10pm..

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    That may have to do with the ambient air temperature... if I'm not mistaken, the ocean temperature is rather stable and takes a while to fluctuate...

    This is why experts are worried about Global warming affecting ocean temperatures by 2 degrees.
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    Also remember that in the tropical oceans, the top 3 feet of water may fluctuate 2-4 degrees but this isn't where the livestock is. This causes the water along the beaches to also be warmer. Just walk out about 10-20 feet on the beach when the water is warm, you'll soon se the real temp.

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    2 degrees

    This little swing nightly is no problem but I wouldn't want it to be anymore extreme than that. Now, summer and winter temps can be even a little more extreme as there not usually nightly but weekly. For instance, going from 80 to 84 and staying there for a week wouldn't normaly cause trouble but 4 degrees overnight constantly I don't think would be to good.

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    Also consider tidal effects on water rushing in and out of lagoons and other semi-secluded areas of water. The sun can heat up a small body of water quite quickly which is then flushed back out to sea as the tide turns. This often happens around reef areas. I don't think 2 degrees is really that bad, but I agree that more than that may be stressfull. Still, the more stable the better, no question.

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