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    Salt levels help plz..

    Man i feel like a BIG n00b!!

    I am noticing the my tank salt level drops until i stir it up.. is there a problem? or what...

    If i check salt lvl in morning it will be 1.021-22 and if i stir the water it goes to 1.022-23 maybe 24..

    am i nutz lol...

    Thanks again for your help!

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    Hi Fisherman
    How long has it been since you added the salt and what is the tanks temp? Without some circulation salt will sit on the bottom of the tank for longer then you might think. It also takes longer to dissolve if the water is cold like right out of the tap.

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    How are you mixing the salt water before you add it in? Is it getting enough time to mix completely? Also, is there lots of flow in your tank? Properly mixed fresh SW should not precipitate out in your tank if mixed well beforehand (in the bucket).

    There are tried-and-true methods for the mixing and adding of new SW, try the Setup Section at for more info.
    - Alan

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    I mixed my salt in buckets.. 1/2 cup salt per gallon. i used wooden spoon to stir. I stirred each bucket till water was clear.. with very little salt at bottom.

    i did this till i filled aquarium.

    been 3 day since i added salt..

    do i need a power head or something?
    I have 200 gal HOF

    tank is 20gal
    temp 27 (80)

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    Now I assume that this is for your brandnew set up right? If so you could get away with filling up your tank and mixing the salt in there as long as you add nothin! live! [rock etc.] You will definatly need circulation in there! 2x MAXIJETS would be okay and make sure you have surface water movment! The water needs gas exchange and turbulance as saltwater doeasn't hold O2 like freshwater. Its best when doing future water changes to premix in a clean pail with a power head inside and airation[use the nozzle[venturi] on the MAXIS] and you should also add a heater to get water up to tank temp.
    I mix water 3 days in advance.

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