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    Question Making your own mh system

    Can anyone tell me whats the best way to make your own hood with 2fluorescents and 2mh?
    The tank is 100g and is 5ft long, 2mh enough?
    What kind of wattage should I use?
    Is there any big difference between the brands of balasts?
    I want to put coral in the tank but something very basic to start off with.



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    I say you should get the highest wattage you can get right now because once you get started you ll always want to upgrade so this can save you money in the long should ask venki for his products..on the mh...There is a difference in the brands of ballast and the types of lights that you use.. some lights work better with a certain type of ballast over another.. I think now most lights are design to run on pulse start ballast

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    To be honest I'm not sure if there is really much to be saved by DIY when it comes to MH lighting. If you use a 250w as an example it'll cost you about $80 for a bare ballast, $15 for a socket, $20 wiring and plugs and the another $20-$30 for an enclosure.

    Compare that to a PFO 250w ballast for $130 plus $15 for a socket.

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    they say that a mh 250w will go about three feet in lighting so two should be fine, but if your tank is deep I woudl go with two 400 watt so the light will reach the bottom. Lot's of people have very nice setups and use 250 and 400 as well as vho. The question is what are you going to keep in the tank. If your not keeping sps corals then there is no need for 400w mh. All depends on your stocking. I just bought a 250w icecap mh ballast and is was 160 with shipping but I got a good price off ebay.

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