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    Anybody use melafix product??

    Has anybody used melafix to treat bacterial problem?Or for something else?Any luck with it?

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    Ive used melafix twice and in both cases it never completely got rid on the disease, the fish died a few weeks later.( this was in a fresh water tank I don't think I would use it in a salt water tank..)

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    what was the disease that you were trying to cure?

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    Melafix is an antiseptic and antifungal agent. It will help if if a disease is bacterial or fungal in nature. If it is viral it likely won't. I have used it in SW - it won't hurt anything- but your skimmer won't work and will micro bubble like crazy. Our LFS uses it alot with good results if the disease is very early. The active ingredient is tea tree oil. IS is like using an antiseptic on a cut. If you use it right away- the antiseptic will kill off the germs. But if there is already a raging infection- you need antibiotics. HTH.
    Gail in Nova Scotia

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    I try'd it as well a few years back with no success. I had a sick tomatoe clown with popeye/cloudy eye. NITROFURON or KANACYN seem to be the best products that I know of for fish diseases. I haven't had any issues for years so I don't know whats available these days.

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