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    Lawnmower or Bicolor??

    The new tank has been up and running since Jan 1 and I am now getting the typical algea blooms. I want to add a blennine to the system to help with clean up. I like the look of the Bicolor blennie better than the Lawnmower but my main concern is how well each fish will eat nuisance algea.

    My clean up crew consists of 15 nassarius snails, 10 astrea snails, 25 blue leg hemits, and a tooth brush.

    Which blennie would do a better job at clean up? Or, is there somthing else I should do?


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    I was considering the same Andrew. I'll spend sometime surfing and pass on anything I can track down.

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    Kingfisher swears by the Lawnmower, and he has seen them all for sure! In the end- its not what the fish looks like that will win your heart- its their personality and the job they do. But those blennies are sure cuties aren't they!
    Gail in Nova Scotia

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    in my experience, the bicolour will eat film algea from rocks and glass, but not hair algea. the lawnmower on the other hand will eat just about any type of algea. they both have a certain appeal, with the bicolour having better colour, but the lawnmower having a cooler body and physical features.

    Patience is a virtue.

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    I had a bicolor for a year, it didn't do much in the way of algae control. I've had the lawnmower for almost 2 years and it's great, eats lots of algae and it's cool to watch.

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    I love my Lawnmower! He looks like a chinese dragon, is all over the tank munching on any kind of algae (s)he can find!

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