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    whats the next step ??

    I just passed through 2 phases ( i think ) in my aquarium..
    hair algea has grown, was eaten and then I got the rust stuff alll over..that was eaten and the rest kind of faded and left.. for a good 4 weeks..

    now its all good and all my params are ok.

    whats the next step ? any other algea I can expect to manifest itself or can I go ahead and start adding corals?

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    Your tank can always have a "mini-cycle" as I call it. At times something in the tank dies and isn't removed for instance and a small cycle occurrs. That is why a clean up crew is always needed. Sounds like you are off to an excellent start. I assume you have live rock and the tank is now ready. Add an inexpensive fish or two. Not any more. Let them thrive in there for a while and keep checking water. Then maybe add some cheap corals in a couple weeks, like mushrooms or polyps. Just go slow. If all lives and thrives, you are well under way. I never add more than on inhabitant to the my system per 2 months.
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    I have 3 damsels and 2 clowns, 13 snails, 12 crabs,
    all seem really happy at the moment except for crabs fighting.
    I have had the damsels for 2 or 3 weeks now and the clowns
    ~5days. they seem to love the place...

    I am still searching for a sweet deal on more liverocks,
    I currently have over 80lbs of baserock( does'nt look like 80lbs but that stuff is sooo heavy ) and 10lbs of live. so I was thinking of adding another 50lbs of LR.

    I missed a deal from Johnny Rock last week on his frogspawn, could'nt get there and did'nt want to keep him waiting, hey Johnny, next time you got one of those frags.. lemme know

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
    planning next tank, possibly 60x30x20 on 2x plasma.
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    sounds great. best of luck.
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