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    Talking New tank cycle update!

    ok 2 1/2 weeks into cycle... Ammonia was at 1.0 now is at .25-.30

    nitrites 0
    nitrates 0

    ph 8.2-8.3

    Everything is covered in brown algae..

    And now red hair algae is growing? is that ok?

    or what should i do?

    also i wolud like to have oppinions on a 20gal cleaning crew!

    i love small crabs!! no hermits i heard there trouble...

    and also my tank has crushed coral substrate!


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    Your cycle still has a way to go.... should start seeing Ni,and Na soon. Dont worry too much about the algae right now...part of cycle. wait until levels are low before adding cleaner crew. A good mix is what your looking for....what do u have for lights and circulation? a lot of both will work well after the cycle.

    p.s. i have a few blue leg hermits trouble just have plenty of empty shells in the tank

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