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    Mushrooms propagation

    I would like to know how you propagate mushrooms and how you mount them on rocks. I have read about this topic (GARF and such) but I am more interested to hear from people I can actually ask questions.

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    I Propagate mushrooms all the time

    what you want to do is take your rock you have.. or what ever your mushrooms are attached to.. and slice them..

    If you have alot now.. Then just use a clean single edged razor and cut it from the rock at its base.. and use Super glue i use "Loctite Gel" and glue it to the rock, Now they can be and will be slimy, So take your time.. Then place them back into the tank under moderate flow to prevent them from going to all mush and dieing

    Now if you are just starting off and you have say 3-4 shrooms use the razor and slice them, Run the blade through them a couple of times.. and what will happen is this will cut them in half and usually then you will get 2-3 out of it

    Also remember when you cut one off the rock, usually one will grow back there!


    One thing to remember .. Mushrooms are usually Indestructible!.. I have heard of the blender method.. Take a few heads put them in a Blender with saltwater Chop them up.. then dump them into a prop tank.. and they will attach, Heal and grow

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    I'd like to add a couple of things to what Tooloud posted:

    I generally don't use the superglue method, as I have not had reall good success with it. I find that the mushrooms slime up and don't always stay attached. So, after I cut them, I place a drinking glass in the bottom of the tank, fill the bottom with liverock pebbles, place the cuttings in the glass, on top of the rocks, and let them attach on their own. This takes a couple of weeks, but it has worked better for me.

    I've also found, that if you merely cut the head off of the stalk, the remainder of the stalk will grow an equal sized head very quickly (within a month). If you cut up the head like a pizza, I seem to end up with very small mushrooms that take a long time to heal and get as large as the original. In order to go from one to six of equal size, I find it faster to cut the head, let the stalk grow back and the head heal, and then cut each again. This has worked better for me, than cutting the head once, and cutting it up into five slices.

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    Thanks for the info. Last week I cut one in half just for trial and both pieces are doing good. Right now they are just on the sand. Will mount them later.
    I like idea with the glass so I will try that next weekend.
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