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    Detrivore packages

    Folks in the US are recommending enrichining sand beds with detrivore packages. All of the sites which sell these appear to be in the US. Does anyone know of a Canadian vendor of these?

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    This place has some sand bed 'stuff'. They sell bristle worms, spaghetti worms, and mini stars.

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    I really don't think there is anything in those packages that you can't get by adding a cup or two of sand from some existing mature sand beds. All of those creatures will come in from good live rock and seed your bed over time anyway. Those packages are for new, dead beds, and are meant to "speed" things up for new tanks, or for existing tanks that have livestock that is very hard on the micro fauna in sand beds. You have met enough people in Ottawa, that if you are worried about the quality of your sand bed, then just ask around for a few cups of sand from other your money.

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    I agrre with zookeeper.
    For a canadian online shop, I had great experience with But they are far from Quebec and ontario.

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