I did a water change, same salt, same temp,etc, and it came up with this 2mill white spot. (humph!)
Within the hour the spot was gone. I think the cleaner did it's job, and there was only a small wound left where the spot was, with 2 tiny little white dots at either end, that the wrasse removed, a day or so later.
It's eating as voraciously as normal including my green crust algae,(but leaves the pink alone).
For a few days it chased the cleaner of, and the wound developed what looked like a raised white scale. I was thinking fungus...
today he let the cleaner near him and the wound is back to just a small wound, no white markings.
After the wrasse cleans him, the wrasse scratches for an hour or so (is this normal?)
I'm not worried, just thought I ask for opinions, the wrasse seems to be doing a good job. And I'm happy to see what happens.
Unfortunately no QT, or at least not a good one, need to get a little filter and cycle it.
And getting a photo is is proving a feat exta-ordinare....