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    Power head pointing

    Hi Guys and girls,
    I have a 25 gallon eclipse tank, with a powerjead in the back. Any suggestions as to which way I should place the nozzle.
    I also wanted wanted to ask your opinion on how much live rock would go in such a tank, and what sort of clean up crew I should have. I have two Haitian Reef Anemone, and was wondering if any clean up crew would affect them.. Ie: attack...
    How hard is it to keep a cleaner shrimp, if recommeded for my size tank...

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    personally, i have my powerhead hidden towards the back bottom corner of my tank blowing diagonally to the front top corner on the opposite side. This helps raise the bottom water to the surface, aggitates the surface, and gives current to the whole tank.
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    Good point ALRHA but would that also cause a dust storm, it's also good to keep in mind that the higher the p/h the more oomph for your $$'s. Look at the packet and it will tell you what the flow rate is at different heights. You might want to consider another p/h to be placed higher in the tank in the opposite direction to the other, trying to avoid a whirlpool effect.
    I'd try for about 15kilos (40Pd's I think, but don't trust my conversions.....) of L/R.
    2 anemones is alot. they grow etc, as i'm sure you know.
    snails are a good idea, and i'm sure the other guys will give you lots more. they won't bother the anemones.
    What types of fish are you planning on?
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