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    Question Tang compatibility

    I have a new 72 gallon tank. The water conditions seem to test fine. My starter fish(2 clowns, 2 damsels) are hardy as ever. I've added a yellow tang successfully. Since then, nothing has lived. I've lost 4 cardinal fish and a comet (marine betta). In all fairness the yellow tang beat up the comet pretty good because he seems to think he owns the tank now. I do not know what to add next. Any suggestions?

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    Remove the tang, Most if not all tangs are very territorial.. One reason why most people recommend larger tanks for them.. in smaller tanks like yours.. you want to add any tangs last.. once they become established.. they can do allot of damage.. I had a 2 inch Sailfin almost kill a 4 inch Maroon when i added him!

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    I would not add anything until things settle down. i.e. until all fish are healthy and not fighting. I think you should monitor your yellow tang, and be happy with its behavior.

    HOw about a complete list of your fish. Sounds like youhave a few.

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