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    EcoSystem filtration method

    Has anyone tried the EcoSystem filtration method ( How good it is?



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    Re: EcoSystem filtration method

    I have some Miracle Mud that was given to me in a hang on fuge on my 46 Bow....tank is great with lots of growth....I can't say that it is because of the Mud or not...I am still running a bakpak skimmer...I know MACEWEN has his tank running on the EcoSystem and his tank is great...I'm sure he'll chime in on this thread soon...RJ

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    Re: EcoSystem filtration method

    Both Kent and Carib Sea have jumped on the mud bandwagon as well. They offer a product that is very similar but far less expensive. I can't say whether the miracle Mud is worth it or not. I just used plain fine grade Carib sea sand in mine and it also seems to be working okay. I couldn't justify sending the outrages prices for the stuff. However I still use a high quality skimmer as well.
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    I also have used the Miracle Mud, but over time, have found it to be nothing special if your tank is setup properly. I also used a skimmer alongside it. I also want to add that I didn't use their refuges, instead I built my own with a 33gal tank. I've seen the Kent "Mineral Mud" at a friends house and it is the EXACT same as Miracle Mud yet way less expensive!! If you want to buy some, I recommend the Kent version.
    By the way, Leng SY ( the owner of Miracle Mud) originally in the beginning said you don't need a skimmer but has now changed his opinion to " it is always good to have more than one method of filtering and a skimmer is good to use alongside it"... ( in otherwords, I think he's basically saying that it would be better to use a skimmer without actually admitting it and that he jumped the gun a bit on his first opinion.. heh, heh).

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