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    New guy checks in!

    Greetings Reef Keepers,
         Like a lot of people, I have been facinated by reefs since I was a litle kid (too many evenings spent watching Jacques Cousteau specials, I guess!) Over the years, I often researched the state of reef-keeping technology, and always concluded that the techniques were still too crude, and the lifespans of the captive animals were too short, so I had to settle for occasional diving trips to view the splendors of the reefs. A few years ago, things seemed to change as live rock, deep sand beds, protein skimmers and better lighting made keeping reefs more practical. Just when it looked like I might take the plunge, career shifts caused two cross country moves in two years, which put a stop to aquarium dreams. Now that I am settled here in the Ottawa area, (and we are not moving again!!) I am again resuming my quest for a reef tank. You can imagine my delight when I discoverd this forum, and especially the existence of the Marine Aquarium Society of Ottawa.
         I plan to join the club and spend time reading and listening before I start buying. From the books I have read, it seems that the biggest cause of failure is a lack of planning and knowledge, so I intend to proceed slowly. I expect to be posting questions here as I think of questions that aren't answered in my books. I'm especially looking forward to seeing other people's tanks at meetings, and learning from those who have already created their own little pieces of ocean.
         Looking forward to meeting everyone,
         Mike Stoneman

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    Re: New guy checks in!

    EXTRA CHEER!!!! our 100th member!!!!

    ;D ;D ;D

    nice post Stonecraft ... Welcome to Aquaria !!!

    It sounds like you already have a head start on the hobby... I found the toughest advise to follow was being patient... taking your time in this hobby and thinking things through before making the big purchase(s) is the best advise anyone could give.

    Glad your excited about MASO... the club is relatively new(2 months) but has been growing constantly.  The meetings are a great place to meet fellow reefers who are as excited about this hobby as you are.  

    We hold the meetings once a month at different member homes.  This gives the us a chance to get a first hands look at the different types of techniques people are using to create their little piece of the ocean.

    Looking forward to seeing you at the next meeting.  8)


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    Re: New guy checks in!

    Welcome Mike!

    The next MASO meeting is coming up on June 22.

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    Re: New guy checks in!

    Did anyone tell Stonecraft of the entry fee to MASO  . Just kidding! Welcome to the club, our next meeting is on the  22nd at 1pm at 391 Bell St. South. See you there new guy.
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    Re: New guy checks in!

    Welcome Mike!!

    Glad you joined in!

    measure twice, buy twice can still happen despite the research - jump in!  Carefully though..
    Fishysan ><>
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    Re: New guy checks in!

    Said perfectly!
    Tanks: 400 gal Reef, 180 gal FOWLR, 300 gal Sump, 40 gal Frag Tray plumbed as one system - 900 gal total water volume.
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    Re: New guy checks in!

    Welcome to the forums stonecraft.
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