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    Re: Update on my Tang

    if you have to much of that macro algea i will take some to put on my refugium

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    Re: Update on my Tang


    The blue and yellow tang should get along... their know to be agressive against other tangs. I would just keep an eye on them for the first couple weeks. If you have any problems.. jsut let me know.  They will eat algae off of rocks and take all sorts of prepared foods.

    You might be interested in a few emerald crabs if you have the pesty bubble algae in your tank.  These will help keep this stuff under control.

    I've got some extra macro you could have.. I can bring some the next time I'm over at your place or you can stop by and pick it up at mine... either way...  


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    Re: Update on my Tang

    I keep a yellow tang and a powder brown tang together with no problems.  Just keep in mind these fish grow fast and need room.  

    Also keep in mind, your set up will dictate how fish get along also.  provide lots of hiding spots and each will claim their own.  Just a small thing that can make a difference.

    Good Luck
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