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    Submersible heaters

    Leaving aside the issue of CSA approval ratings, are Ebo-Jager heaters fully submersible?

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    All my ebo's are fully submersed, as well as 80% of the people I speak to...

    From what I've heard, the "Minimum" line on an Ebo heater is just so it passes CSA approvals.
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    Mine sits in my fuge upright with the water line at the line on the heater....I figure it must be there for a reason!

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    RJ, that is a good idea. It never occured to me to move my heater out of the tank and into the fuge.

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    The sump or refuge is the right place for the heater. The sump or equipment part of the system being my choice. I have my heater right before the return pumps pickup . The system water temp will be more stable with the heater there because all the water from the tank cycles through the sump / refuge and past the heater on an ongoing basis. NO warm zones develop around the heater leading to a cooler tank and warmer refreg.

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    Most refuges have low flow. You want the heaters in a high flow area or your refuge will reach temp and the heater will turn off before the tank gets up to temp.

    I have mine in the sump right next to the return pump (like One Salty Dog) for this reason.


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    I will agree with the people saying NOT in the fuge for the reasons mentioned above. Place it in the sump.

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    hmmmm...I have 2 50w heaters for my 20g. I was going to put one in the fuge and one in the tank itself.

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