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    Overflow Explained

    Can sombody please explain to me the concept of an overflow in an aquarium ? what's it for ? how important is it ? how/what methods are their of installing one ?


    sold the 77gallon back in 2005, looking to setup a nano

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    Re: Overflow Explained

    The intank overflow box usually comes with new aquariums.  Most will not bother installing one if it didn't come with the tank and settle with just drilling.  Both drilled and overflow boxes do pretty much the same thing.

    In all aquariums various compounds tend to collect at the surface of the water. These compounds form a skin which stop the exchange of gases such as carbon dioxide and oxygen from transferring between the water and the atmosphere. An Overflow system is a box or pipe placed in the corner or middle of the back of the aquarium. It can either rise up from the bottom or elbow upwards from the rear of the tank. The Over Flow allows the water at the surface to drop off into, or be skimmed from the surface, thus removing this layer of organic skin and allowing the tank to breathe. The Overflows water is then routed out of the bottom of the Overflow and down into the sump system.

    Here is more info from our FAQ section.
    Overflow. I would strongly encourage you to get a tank with a built-in overflow (basically a corner box with holes in the bottom.) Many beginners shy away from anything that takes water out of the tank for fear of leaks. They want all hang-on-the-back equipment. Then they realize later they would really like a sump under the tank to take all the equipment out of view (it provides other major benefits too), so they install one using a hang-on overflow box and flood their family room.  Get the built in (read as "failsafe&quot overflow and a cheap sump pre-drilled with return holes

    I'll post pictures of an overflow sometime tomorrow.  Hope this helped


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