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    Linkia with parasite?

    I got a bee-oootiful blue linkia a coupla weeks ago, and he is doing really well,but, he has a small brown worm (less than 1/4 ") that crawls in between all his feet. I don't know if I should leave it in or take it out...

    Has anyone seen this before??

    I will try to get a pic..
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    When I originally got my Likia, it had something similar except it was all black. It never really did any damage or seemed to even bother the star, but it concerned me none the leass. I attempted one time to remove it by placing the star in a bowl and letting it relax. I then flipped ot over and tried to get the black thingy with some tweezers but the star would simply retract it's feet and close up around the black thingy everytime I tried to grab it with tweezers. Eentually I gave up and returned the star to the tank. Not long after, I notice the black thingy was gone and it never returned. Star is in excellant shape to this day, 2 years later. My opinion would be to simply monitor it and if you see no damage, wait and see if it fizzles out on it's own.

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