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    Lighting Hardware Question


    I am looking at getting my first tank soon... will be starting out with Fluorescent lighting (due to a small budget) but plan to upgrade to at least PC llighting.

    Tanks normally come with fixtures, so will both types of lighting fit in the same fixture ? would i have to buy a second fixture when upgrading the lighting ?  I had also read that another option was buying a glass top and installing the light on top of that instead of using a fixture... can somebody please explain to me exactly what options/methods/hardware can be used for lighting a tank and does anybody have any opinions as to what works best ? (especially for someone who will be upgrading in stages)

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    Re: Lighting Hardware Question

    PC and normal flourescent lighting have different connectors and need different ballasts to drive them. Most likely your Perfecto flourescent fixture isn't likely to be compatible with PC. IOW, you'll need a different fixture.

    I am currently running one strip of normal output flourescent, intending to upgrade to MH lights when I upgrade my tank, and skipping the Perfecto fixtures altogether.

    Installing a glass top will introduce other problems. Oxygen exchange being a major one. You won't get enough oxygen with a tight fitting top. Heat accumulation is another factor you must consider. Finally, salt spray accumulated on the underside of the glass top will reduce light penetration which you pay so dearly for in the first place.
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    Re: Lighting Hardware Question

    I would go with a Workhorse 7 ballast.  It will fire normal output bulbs or VHO bulbs... and their cheap($50).  All you would need are the bulbs and end caps.  This way you can go with the NO bulb setup and later upgrade to the more expensive VHO bulbs.

    If I were you I would build my own canopy.  Its not to hard and I can give you the plans I used for mine.  Purchase the tank and stand(if you don't want to build it) at your LFS and build everything else yourself or purchase it online.  If your looking to save money, this is the way to go IMO.  Hope this helps..


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