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    Question Whats better, JBJ powerhead or Maxi-jet

    basicly i only need to know if anyone has had any problems with the suction cups on either. the JBJ's cups look kind of crappy. just give me an overall review. thanks

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    thats a tough one... they are both nice powerheads... if you plan on adding these to a wavemaker.. go with the maxi-jet... if your looking for ~300 GPH.... I would gow ith the maxi again... if you want a ton of flow and like the idea of a dual output... go with the JBJ 530... its like having 2 maxi 1200's set on a 90 degree...

    As for the suctrion cups... the jbj's have 4 of them and they seem to hold it well... its not as nice as the clip that comes with the maxi but I've been running a couple jbj's for 2 months or so and like what I see.... ohh.. one more... the venturi on the JBJ could of been better built(not an issue as I do not use them).



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    No experience with the JBJ's, but my experience with the MJ's have been mixed. Sure they are usually reliable, but I had a MJ600 died on me two weeks ago. It was 1.5 years old. Don't know if the fact that I had put it on a UPS caused its early demise. Or it maybe just bad luck I guess.

    The MJ1200's have been wonderful, except that the fanned nozzle attachment was too loose and it blow right off when I started the pump. Had to hold it in place using a rubberband.
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    I have used both and have to say go with the Maxi-Jets. The JBJ has a novel idea with the dual output but the suction cups don't stay stuck, and after 2 weeks in the tank the pump was getting loud as I have to think it was just getting a small buildup of crap on the impeller.

    Maxi-Jets IMO are by far the best choice not only in preformance but in methods of attachments as well.
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    well done...thank you..i will soon order my ph's from AC

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    My JBJ 530's have been in running for a couple months now. They are quiet for me, and I haven't cleaned them yet. The suction cups are holding too. Remember guys and gals, you have to scrape the glass with a razor blade to get suction cups to hold. Not just a scraper but a razoer blade. Then scrub the area too. I never have a problem with suctions cups as a result.
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    good tips...thanks:beer:

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