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Thread: Live Sand

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    Live Sand

    Hi all,
    Just curious, but I think I read on the board somewhere that someone went out in Nova Scotia (I think) and got their own sand? if so I'm In Newfoundland and I know a few spots where I can get sea this ok to use in a marine aquarium? if so what's the cleaning process if any?


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    Around here it is illegal to remove any sand from the shoreline. I would check before doing so.

    Be sure you get sand that is a ways out from the shoreline as shoreline sand can be contaminated with sun tan chemicals, pollution, chemicals to keep the bugs down, etc.


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    i dont know about live sand here, nobody here sells it and it is super expensive to have shipped, ive looked into it and it is just not worth it..... i have been thinking about doing the natural sea water thing though...... the best way to get live sand is just put sand in your tank, and then get a couple of scoops of sand from an established tank. so another newfie hey!!! cool.... where have you been buying your gear locally? im in st. johns

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    Hey ya Atlantic =)
    well I didn't buy much of anything local as I just moved from Ontario back to Newfoundland...after a 14 year stay there !! but I did buy a used MH canopy off the guy in the village mall..was a 48" with 2 MH and 2 PC's used only a short time. other than that and the place up by Cosco I don't know of any other place that sells stuff for marine setups. if you know of any i'de be more than happy to hear of them oh and if I get some sand could I buy a bit from you to get mine started growng all the good stuff ? =)

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