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    Question excaliber protien skimmer?

    anyone own one?
    are they quiet?
    gimme info

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    what about seaclone...same questions as above

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    Re: excaliber protien skimmer?

    Originally posted by aquamann
    anyone own one?
    are they quiet?
    gimme info
    got the rio 600 on it
    pulls nice dry foam
    keeps the 50g too clean
    - Alan

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    Yep i have a Excalibur on my 75 gallon with a maxi jet Awesome,plus my 75 is well stocked.


    Phins Up ^^^^^^^

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    I have the Excalibur HV 200 hang-on version. Now, I can say I am happy with it. It took a long time before it seemed to work right (break in period). The rio 1700 that came with it did not last very long (around two-three months). It seized after I cleaned the skimmer and the pump. I tried to get it started again, got very very frustrated and smashed it into a number of pieces. The funny thing is the case and lots of pieces are broken, but it now works again. The skimmer is now setup with a MAG 7 and I am thinking of upgrading to a better venturi valve. All and all the skimmer works well.

    If I could go back, I would not have purchased this skimmer. I would have looked into something much larger. When I was researching I was trying to get the largest skimmer that my budget would allow. I did, but I feel it is not enough.

    It is setup on a 90gal with 50gal sump and 50gal refugium.


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