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Thread: New Tank

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    New Tank

    Hello Hello,

    Not only a new tank but a new person as well

    I don't have the equipment to mix prior to filling the tank i do have a bucket to mix my changes in but not big enough to mix for the tank.

    Can I mix it in the tank?


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    yes you can and let it settle for a while before the next step.
    Also, once your aquarium is cycled and ready, keep an eye for nitrates with that filter....
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    yeah u can...
    i did tat wif my tank...and it is doin fine..

    just add a airstone in there for a day or two..before u add ur sand and otehr stuff....

    airstones makes sure all the crystals dissolve properly....jsut like u would wif water changes...

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    I would mix it in a pail, since its alot easier to check the ration of salt.. stir it for a good 5min.. then dump it in.. thats how i'd do it.

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    If you are just setting up, then mixing in the tank is the same as mixing in a pail (You are just saving yourself the trouble of not having to transfer later.) Just be on the slow side when adding the salt, you can easily add more water if you need to, but you can't take out the salt!
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