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    Unhappy Dead zone - front of tank

    I have a bow front tank, that I love, but.... in the front there is a large portion of really dirty sand...
    I had cyano that I got rid of, but ever since I had it, the sand has stayed brown looking. Everywhere else in the tank it is really clean (relatively speaking of course)

    I have tried to reposition the power heads, but there was no change...

    Any suggestions on how I can clean it up?
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    do you mean the dirt in the sandbed that is pushed against the glass at the front, witch you can see because of the glass?
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    i have a 46 bowfront and my renas spraybar is in the middle pointing toward the front...awsome current around the bow. maybe you could position 2 powerheads pointing toward the front from the back. hope that helps

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    I had a friend with the same problem...what he did was hide a powerhead in his rock wall with a four inch tube shooting out. That way you can't see the powerhead facing the front glass. The powerhead is low in the wall only about 6 inches above the sand. It basically blasts forward into the glass. THe bow actually disipates it nicely and he has very little algaeon his front glass as a result. After several months you can't see the the tubing as it's covered in corraline algae. Worked great for him
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    Thanks all!

    Conan, it is more the surface. I have crushed aragonite , and while I know that it is only normal to have some deposits, it is mainly concentrated in the front...

    Aquamann and Mouse, thanks for the suggestions...I will try the power head in the rock and see if there is a difference.
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