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    damsel shaking its tail

    I bought a small frogspawn yesterday. I placed it about 1/2 way up the tank & redirected the powerheads to give it moderate current. It keeps trying to inflate to proper size, but:
    My problem is my 4 stripe damsel keeps shaking his nasty little tail in it & then it deflates.

    Any ideas why this crazy fish is doing this? Wouldn't the fish get a sting from the coral? It seems to keep coming back for more.


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    Re: damsel shaking its tail

    That behavoir that you are describing is an aggresive behavoir, they will do that to another fish that invades it's turf.  It sounds like the coral is in his territory and he wants it gone.  I'm not sure if the damsel will kill it... but it will stress your coral.  Try moving the coral to a different location and see what happens.

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    Re: damsel shaking its tail

    I had three dominoe damsels in a tank that I was cycling for a lionfish.  Well needless to say, one damsel did this territorial behaviour to the lion and now there were 2.  Days passed and now there's just the lion.  HAHAHA.  It's a show of territory, and to a damsel, sometimes size means nothing.
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