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    Question Inverts list for a 46

    whats the maximum amount of inverts i can put in my tank?
    make a list of the types, quantities...whatever

    tank has a lot of indirect current/high exchange rate

    i just purchased 2 small cleaner shrimp (im leaving them @ my lfs for another week) and i plan to get 1 or 2 blood shrimp. are the two species compatable? if not, which species is better?

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    usually one per gallon is a great start.

    get lots of snails, then some crabs for bigger/faster cleanup.

    snails: cerith, nerith, nasarius, margarita, astreas

    I had great results from these snails.. they do different stuff in the tank.. thats why you need some of each. get like 5 of each.

    for crabs, some people dont like them.. I love them.,.. they clean up real good... get red-legged and blue-legged hermits.
    i must have over 20 right now.. and no signs of algea in the tank.

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
    planning next tank, possibly 60x30x20 on 2x plasma.
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    what about shrimp?

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    Those shrimp are fine together.I got 2 blood and 3 cleaner in the same tank and no problems what so ever. If i were you i would get at least 2 blood shrimp,as they will come out more if there is a pair.


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    what about stars, porcelan crabs, nudi...etc

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    becareufl wif the crabs and snails
    if u plan to keept them together
    put extra BIGGER shells for the hermits to go into when they needthem
    or else they will kill off ur snails and take their shells...

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    keep em comin people:beer:

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    Inverts put less demand on the system so as many as you want, within reason of course. Just make sure they have enough food. As for shrimps, as long as they have enough caves and hiding places to go around, they should be ok. Just remember shrimps molt regularly, and right after they shed their exo-skeleton, their flesh is exposed until the new shell hardens. During that time they hide and they are vulnerable to attacks.

    As for snails, my vote goes to Astrea snails as they do rocks and glass. I think they are the best all around algae/diatom cleaners.

    I am not very fond of crabs, hermit or other. Invariably hermits kill snails for their shells and other crabs are opportunitic omnivores, i.e. they eat fish and other meaty stuffs, not just vegetable matter. But crabs are so interesting to look at
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    I like emerald crabs and porcelain crabs. They're fun to watch but don't kill snails like hermits. I'd love to get a boxer crab if I could find one.

    For snails I like cerith, nassarious, turbos and trochus. I have a few astreas but won't be replacing them. They need one of those emergency alarms like the old folks have "help, I've fallen and can't get up!"

    Shrimp can help cleanup but I don't find them very effective really. They are fun to watch though.

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