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Thread: Hydro Bill

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    Hydro Bill

    To all that are concern about hydro bill, sorry for luck!A small guide line that u must consider before purchasing any electrical the math if your paying for hydro.
    It is really simple if you take the time to understand it....and I'm here to help any fellow reefers save as much $$ as possible.
    First read the fine labels of all equipment before purchasing, the main concern is the wattage out of the device and then check your hydro bill for $$/kw hours.
    going to use rayjay for cost $0.0882/kw hours
    The most important formula is:


    Calculate all the devices separately
    2 x O3@ 110W for 14 hrs for 60 days
    2 X 110W = 220w
    = 0.22kw X ($0.0882/kw hours)
    = $0.0194/hr X 14 hrs
    = $0.271656 / day X 60 days
    = $16.299

    example2(heaters)using Dman
    4 X 300w for 24 hrs x 60 days
    4 x 0.300kw X $0.0882 X 24 X 60
    = $152.41
    that is lots of $$.... turn off the heater
    with a mutiple setting timer when the lights are on.

    Now that u got the idea ... the rest should be easy. Be samrt about using hydro and don't give up a high wattage bulb for lower wattage cause the cost is in the duration of hrs usagation....such as one main pumps instead of multiple sucking more power!

    Fishdude the would be slight differance with 250w vs 175 watts on the bill, plus the metals are on for no more then 8 hrs/day.

    Hopefully that can be usfully for those that are paying hydro.

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    Re: Hydro Bill

    Most of the time its not good to assume... but I think your right.

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    Re: Hydro Bill

    I think your both right.. 2 smaller pumps will more than likely consume more power than a larger pump.

    To Reef or Not To Reef, That is the question

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