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    powerhead advice..

    ok im going to buy my powerheads.. i need to decide which way to go?

    so im asking for lots of imput here..

    i have 2 Aqua clear 201's.. 126 GPH each..

    i'm thinking of replacing them with 2 JBJ-1800 dual heads. 290 GPH. 145 per spout.. I would place both powerheads 2" from back corner on each side.. kinda like this " ^ ^ " and place 1 of my 201 in middle face straight forward against front glass..

    or would it be better to buy a maxi-jet 900 and place it between my 2-201's facing forward blowing against front glass?

    please help and thank you!!

    also im going to pick up a skimmer which will be pumping water into tank aswell.. and i have a hangon back AC 150 for surface aggitation and a place for carbon..

    Thanks guys/gals!!

    edit: My tank is a 20gal.. 24"long..

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    Fisherman .. if you intend to point a power head directly at your front pane you best make sure it is not too close to the surface of the tank or the wave it makes might exceed the top edge of your tank. You will also encourage algae growth on the contact area and need to clean the glass far more often. Unless the tank is real wide I would not point it directly across the tank at the front pane. Try back middle 1/2 way down and pointing up at about 60 degrees. this will roll the water back to front from bottom to top

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