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    What material to use?

    Hi all,

    I soon gotta hook up my aquarium, I was thinking about plumbing the protien skimmer with 3/4 pipe rather than the flexible stuff. First off is this ok? and secondly what pipe? I think I read somewhere it was the white pipe and connections..oh and what glue to glue stuff together?
    Next is my Protien skimmer has 1/2 pipe going into it, and 3/4 going this common? and if so is it ok to change it so it's 3/4 in and 3/4 out?

    thanks for your time
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    A larger output is pretty normal on a lot of skimmers. It is done this way so no back pressure will be created within the unit. You want the water to flow freely from input to output. Any hoses that you put on the output end should be SHORT. If your not going to use flex PVC I would go with the clear stuff that is easy to find at Home Depot, Rona etc. Just make sure it is the food quality stuff. It's easy to work with, comes in many sizes and elbows can be avoided. Make sure you check that your getting the right inside DIA for your requirements.

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    If you want to use the rigid PVC, then you don't necessarily have to use the white one as it's usually more expensive. You can also use the grey type just as well. The difference between the two is that the Schedule 40 ( white one) is pressure rated although I forget what the pressure limit is. Don't worry though as it will never reach the limit on an aquarium even when it is used on a pressure rated pump, while the grey one ( Schedule 80) is not designed for any pressure applications.

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