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    Exclamation Advice On my Skilter

    i plan on getting a good skimmer in the future. however my LFS guy sold me a used skilter 400 a while back. the thing is huge on the back of my tank. its does hawl out some junk from my tank, but i dont like the design very much.

    will it do a sufficient skimming job for the next few months?

    if not, is there anything i could use it for? (ie:mini fuge)

    any opinions on this product will be greatly appreciated


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    skilter is junk. there are mods for it but none of them really do much.

    As for anything else you could use.....IMO you shouldn't avoid a quality skimmer. I put down close to $600 for my Lifereef last think the skilter hauls out some junk....

    btw, you drive the black rsx right?
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    LOL yup, rsx... how'd ya know....maybe its because i signed mark at the end of my post (LOL). well, i guess there's no need to remain anonymous. who are u? message me if u don't want to post it..
    anyways the skilter is junk. i bought it for 50 bucks for my discus tank. i have it on my 10 gallon Q tank now. im wondering can it play another role on my tank somehow. i might sell it yet and put the money toward a good skimmer.

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    Years ago I ran a Skilter on my discus tank, didn't seem to do much. I don't think a skimmer is necessary for freshwater.

    I then switched it to a salt tank..seemed to work okay, but not the best for skimming.

    I'm using a Prizm right now ( cost me $99.00 ). Not bad for the price, but there is MUCH better skimmers on the market. You just have to be willing to pay the price.

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