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Thread: Salt Mixtures

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    Salt Mixtures

    I've been using Instant Ocean salt mix but find that even after 2-3 days of aeration is still cloudy?

    I more less fill a bucket with warm water, add salt and other additives ( cycle etc.) and throw in an air stone connect to an air pump.

    Am I doing something wrong, or should I be using a different brand of synthetic salt that dissolves faster

    I'm also wonder what you guys think of all the additives available, iodine, moly etc? I have a FOWLR, after reading the ingredients for the synthetic salt it would seem I don't really need to buy all sorts of different additives.


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    Mine is clear within 1-2 minutes after adding the salt and stays clear.

    Why are you adding additives to the new water? That si generally not felt to be a good idea.

    There was a bad 'batch' of IO back in the fall which had lots of precipitate and very high alkalinity (over 30). It led to some people's tanks being wiped out. It might be worthwhile to do a test on the water before adding it to the tank in case you have run into the same problem.

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    I add only a bit of cycle, and some chlorine remover.

    as I said, it's way too cloudy, more than I think is normal. I've even mixed it in hot water to help the dissolving process...doesn't seem to help much.

    Perhaps I should pick up some different salt and give it a try.

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    If your getting your WARM water from your household water supply you will want to STOP doing that. Your hot water heater is FULL of unwanted sediments. You should be using either RO water of distilled water. If you can't get ether of those use cold water after running the water hard for a min or so. Bring it up to tank temp with an aquarium heater. I would get my hands on a small power head to do the mixing job. If you have not added TOO much salt for the water volume involved it should be clear and ready to use in 24 hours at most.

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    Don't use warm water firstly...also don't add additives. THe new water is loaded with essential elements form the new salt. That will get rid of teh cloudiness. It's the warm water that is doing it. THis is from experience myself.
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    did a water change yesterday. Mixed the salt the day before with "cold water". Nice and clear with the exception of the sediment on the bottom of the pail.

    Thanks everyone !!
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