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    Exclamation Yeehaw my new maxi-jets are here!!!

    thanks AC..
    my 2 maxi-jet 1200's are here and are in my tank working perfectly. theis gives me new confidence ordering online products. thanks for the great service.

    any ideas on placement?
    i have a spraybar from my rena in the middle of my tank, and have placed 1 maxi jet near the surface (on the back left pointing right)and the other on the bottom right pointing front.
    does that sound good?

    thanks again

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    Its nice to see another happy customer

    I found placing the poweheads on the back corners pointing towards the front center to work best.


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    What IJO said, but I'll add, to make sure you keep one of them pointing toward the surface of the water so that it breaks up the surface of the water for oxygen exchange.

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    man, 2 MJ1200's on your tank PLUS the Rena! That's some serious circulation.

    I haven't got that much on my 110.
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    im wondering if its too much? 350+295+295

    i may remove one yet, or use it to power a skimmer when i get one. it dont matter cuz i have no fish yet. booo. im still waiting on some more rock from tmp. they keep getting jerked around by the distributors, so the customers have to get jerked around too. you know how that goes.

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