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    Tank Lighting / Daylight Problems.


    MY tank is about three months old I'm I'm using a Coralife fixture with a 10K and Actinic ( compact Flor ).

    Problem is, I have a small condo with lots of windows and I'm currently having a hard time keeping the light from the tank (have not bought drapes yet ).

    Green algea growth is pretty rampant, but not a big problem from what I can see. Coraline is growing nicely too.

    If I keep my light "on" cycle to that of natural daylight will this minimize any problems accociated with the tank seeing natural daylight?

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    when you say seing natural day light are you talking a tank in the window? If not then don't sweat it.The algea growth could be a factor of many other things. newtank,old lights, not enough lights, to much feeding, using tap water, crappy skimmer and a few other reasons.

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    My tank gets the afternoon sun and I like the looks of the sun shining on the corals. It really brightens them up. The only thing to watch is the temp. If the tank is too close to a window and gets too much sun, the temp may start to climb.

    FWIW - the end that gets the sun has no more/less algae than the rest of the tank. Algae require food and light to grow. I usually find it easier to starve algae using macro algae than to reduce the lights.


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    Johnny,..yes, it is light from a Window close by. In fact, the entire wall is a window which is why it's hard to block light.

    I don't think temperature is a real problem becauses my window faces north. It's hard to get direct sunlight on the tank.

    Lights are new, skimmer is a prizm and does a mediocre job.
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    there is not really a 'problem' with the tank seeing natural daylight. As Johnny and Vickie have pointed out, as long as nutrients in the tank are dealt with and controlled, your north facing window shouldn't be able to cause any poiblems at all. You might be giving the tank a long photoperiod, but it's not long enough to be detrimental.

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    Now this is a man after my own heart - he set up his tank before buying curtains

    Hang in there, the algae will run its course. I'd look into a better skimmer though.

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