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    Flat Worm Exit Help

    I noticed I had some flat worms so I thought I would get some Flat Worm Exit. My total system volume is 170 gal. I treated the tank with the whole bottle (enough for 300 gal). Within 10 min. there were flat worms floating everywhere. I waited for 30 min like the instructions said. There were still some flat worms on the glass. I thought I would leave it a little longer to see if the ones that were left would die. 4 hours later there are still a couple of flat worms on the glass. I just put some carbon in the sump as per the instructions.

    Has this happened to anyone else treating with Flat Worm Exit? Should I get some more and treat the tank again?

    It's not like I had thousands or ever hundreds of flat worms. I thought this treatment would kill a small number off easily. Maybe I just have to wait and see tomorrow.


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    I had to treat my tank twice. The first time I triple dosed. I couldn't see any after the treatment but I did after a few days. The ones left over were small and pale. A week after the first treatment I did a double dose treatment. Haven't seen any since.

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    my tank was infested after a triple dose they were all gone

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    I double, double, triple dosed it over 1.5 week and still had flatties coming back 1 day after each dose. And like you, I was not infested.

    Got a yellow wrasse and haven't seen any since.

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    I treated my tank three times all one week apart. I did water changes the day after treatment and did the carbon thing like directed. I still had a few here and there but the six line wrasse has cleaned up what was left. I haven't had them on almost a year now. I've never seen it work 100% on the first try.
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