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Thread: sump or fuge...

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    Question sump or fuge...

    wich comes first after the drain and why? or does it even matter?
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    ahh now your going Hi tech! Theres a couple of ways to skin this cat[sorry cat lovers]. Now it all depends on how you set up your sump. If you physically having 2 seperate sumps[tanks] linked to gether then its pretty easy[sorta] to just tap off of one of your drain lines with a valve and control the water[slow flow[ that enters your refug,] then this will drain into your sump.
    Or, you can design a single sump with dual purpose. The thing is you won't be drilled for close loop[will you?] so your flow thru the sump will be quite quick so you need to design a chamber area in the sump were wtaer can be diverted to slowly go thru there and back into the main part.
    EASY WAY. get a seperate tank that is a little higher than your main tank and feed water to it from your sump and let it gravity feed back into the tank or sump.

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