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Thread: Hi all...

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    Hi all...

    ok.. i just started feeling better after my surgery.. actually alot better..

    any how my tank is doing pretty friggen crappy..

    all corals except, toadstool, green mushrooms, yellow polyps.. are closed.. for more then a week now..

    my water test show almost perfect conditions..

    i really truley have no idea why this is happening.. the red slime is starting to dissappear...

    the fish and all inverts are great..

    im really drawing a blank now lol..

    im almost at the point of selling off the corals...

    1 torch,1 frogspawn, 1 small group of blue zoo's, 1 big group of green button polyps, 1 great frag of yellow polyps..3 or 4 stems of pom pom xenia..

    and going fish only live rock..


    trust me i haven't stuck my hands in the tank for awhile now..

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    0 amm
    0 nitrites
    0-5 nitrates
    420 cal
    6.5-7 alk
    1.025 sg
    temp 79
    ph 8.2-8.3

    hope that helps..

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    when was the last time doing water changes? whats coming out of your skimmer? were and what did you use for sand?
    are you still using that old freshwater test kit? are you still using that non pro test kit? what is your lighting schedule.
    just some questions. glad your back from your surgery.

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    Are all your test kits OK? -I thought mine were all okay until I brought some water to my LFS and I found out that the water was out of wack- the test kits should have expiry dates on them!!-sorry to hear about the surgery - hope you are recovering well!:fish3:

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    I would start doing 20% water changes weekly for three weeks. I never trsut testing kits.
    The only thing two reef keepers will agree on, is what the third reef keeper is doing wrong!

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    Hey all..

    Thanks for all the advice.. Well i did 15% water change and added some alk buffer and Coral-vite to new water and added it to tank..

    guess what.. a day later all my corals are opening.. very very good..

    and now my water is crystal clear.. and all my snails and hermits are really active.. moving all over.. eatting all algaes..

    sweet.. even my toadstool that was open the whole time looks much bigger.. and longer tenticals..

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