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Thread: Curing LR

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    Curing LR

    If you have a new LR shipment arriving and it was not curred.

    You have a new tank that is currently cycling.

    Would you;

    A) Cure the new uncurred rock in a rubber maid contanier

    B) Cure the new uncurred rock in the new tank that is cycling

    In both methods. Will any of the critters live. If there are any present

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    just as well to cure it in your tank if there's nothing in it. saving life forms on the rock is probable. depends on how much decay is in the rock. it might not be that smelly

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    Yeah, makes sense to cure it in your tank as long as you're not already cycling with anything that you don't want to harm. Your question is a tough one: If your LR is in fairly good shape and from a good source there's a strong chance that there are critters lurking around somewhere...the trick is to not kill them off during the cycling process (in either situation), can try to optimize the critters chances.

    During the cycling process your ammonia will spike first, then your nitrites...when these spikes occur, change about 50% of your water. Many people debate doing this because the LR will cure with or without water changes; however, if you want to give those critters a chance, then it makes sense to do the water changes and offer them the best chance.

    How does your LR look uncured? If there's been a lot of die off in transit (very smelly and lots of dark/black areas) then most of the critters will have died already (hence the transit die off)..if they're not already dead, but there's been a lot of die off, the spikes will be quite high during the curing process and probably kill them off - unless your managing the water. If that's the case don't fret, your LR will still cure, grow beneficial bacteria, and look nice again over time - remember you can always add critters by buying them or buying very small quantities of "cured" live rock from a reputable source to add to your current collection - thus seeding more critters. Also don't forget, sometimes there's critters that come along that you don't want in there!!!
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