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    75 Gal setup.. what would i need..

    Stuff needed for FOWLR tank?

    was wondering if 2 JBJ-2500 powerheads would be enough?
    totalling 1060GPH ??

    300w sub heater
    1 AC hangon Back filter 300GPH.. (for carbon)

    going with 40bs of Sand (Carib-Sea Reef Sand)

    and adding live rock slowly over the next few years lol...

    will probably start with 10-15lbs.. and add monthly..

    lights are going to be 2 48" NO 80watts total.. will upgrade later down the road.. next year or if a real good deal comes along.. 1 Antinic 1 50/50.. nice and blue..

    i will buy skimmer later on aswell..'

    No Sump or Refuge..

    will do water changes as well..

    hows that sound?

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    Talking money!

    the adding the liverock over a few years might not be such a good idea for the 75. It will create small cycles each time. You don't need to spend that much on that tank for the rock?

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    I don't want to dish out 400bucks for rocks up front..

    i was thinking of sepnding 100 a month total for all the stuff i need.. Im in the planning stage right now.. gonna make a excel sheet to show my planning and im gonna follow it..

    its gonna be Mostly fish only with live rock.. no corals are planned in the near future..

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    you can add the rock bit by bit. just put it in a rubbermaid with a heater and powerhead for a week or so, then add it to your main tank. i just added another 25lbs of cured walt smith right from the box to my 46 and i have yet to see any spike. just be carefull. i hope this helps

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    Most people say the most important thing on a FOWLR is a big skimmer. I guess that could change if you have a small bioload but I would definitely get a skimmer of some sort.

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    I will be purchasing a hangon back Skimmer/refug from acrylic city.. in the future.. its on my list.. i will most likely get it at end of summer..

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