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    Question scratches on aquarium..

    How do i buff scratches out of glass aquariums? i bought my 75gal used and there a few scratches i would like to buff out? any suggestions?

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    Your local auto glass shop might be worth a dry. They can fill windshield chips, so I'm sure they can fix and / or buff out the scratches.

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    naw, two different monsters...chips and scratches..chips are filled in....scratches need to be buffed out...but alas your glass shop is the place to start ask for somthing called jewelers rouge (somthing like that) it's a powder....then take it home and mix a bit of it with a little water to make a paste, then with a cloth with an end twisted in a tight bun start polishing...and polishing...and polishing.... this will work if the scratches are small but if they are deep it may tone em down a little but to get em out would distort the glass =( hope it helps
    (you can use a drill with a buffer wheel but be careful not to take to much glass from a small spot away)

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