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    Question Humidityfrom tanks...

    im looking to setup 75-90gal tank in my basement.. and im worried about evapouration and humidity.. is there reason to be concerned? do i need to install window exhaust fan? or what? lol.. i don't want mold in my house and the wife would kill me..


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    Cool Mark

    on a 90g I wouldn't be to concerned but you should run your furnace fan on ON instead of auto if your furnace is equipted for this. I never had an issue at all. Now the 500g is a different story.

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    well i have a dehumidifier in my basement as well lol... that should take care of most of it then..

    anyone else out there have 90gal with out any exhaust fans?

    500gal lol... im comming snorkeling at your place..

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    I have a 72gal and no problems with humidity at all. Mine is in the basement at well.

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    I have a 90 in the basement and use a dehumidifier to get rid of excess humidity for spring and summer months only. I needed a dehumidifier before the tank was in the basement so I don't find that its a big problem

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    i have a 130 with 30 sump in my dinning room,
    the humidity has passed from 25% to 45%... but has been stable.. no problems, my house is new and my windows did fog last winter, but it was to be expected due to the new wood... but it was'nt out of control... no ice formation..
    just put a humidity meter in the area you are concerned with.
    I also put my furnase fan on ON instead of run only when needed. and I have a air exchanger which exchange the full house air once a day. But I can also set it up to start at a certain % of humidity.

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
    planning next tank, possibly 60x30x20 on 2x plasma.
    updated: 2011/05/30

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    My 100 gallon tank is in the basement and I have no issues.

    Liv .. 45% moisture content is the recommended level for most homes so your right where you need to be. Your carpet, wood floors (if any) wood cabs and furniture along with drywall joint compounds etc are designed to function best at humidity levels between 30% and 50 % with 45% being on the nose.

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    I have about 1000g in the basement and not a single humidity problem. Now if I were to heat the room instead of each individual tank that would be another story.

    Unless yourtank is a few inches from the rafters/ceiling you won't have any problems.

    "Knowing is half the battle!" ~ G.I. JOE

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