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Thread: Water Clarity

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    Water Clarity

    I seem to have debris always floating around in my tank ( looks similar to dust particles.

    I've recently clean all the foam inserts but the problem still persists.

    Is this normal? I do regular water changes although I have a hard time getting a the dirty spot in my tank because of all the live rock. Perhaps I should make customer siphon. Something of a small diameter to get at all the hard to reach spots.

    I'm thinking that the debris in the tank is caused by the fish disturbing it.

    Anyone else have this problem?

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    I have these specs right after I feed rotifers or brine shrimp and after I stir up the refuge. IMO they are the good pods, etc that shows your tank is alive. These are especially noticeable when the afternoon sun shines on the tank.


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    OR ... if you can not confirm that it is something that is alive ... it could just be dust. micro bubbles or algae. Scoop up some of your water out in a clear non patterned glass and take a CLOSE look at it. Are you skimming?

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