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Thread: ich?

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    Ok, so I think my clown has ich. I haven't actually seen a marine fish with ich before, so I'm kind of guessing, but he has little white dots. Now, with it being Easter, and me having to work on Saturday, what do I do? I have started dosing the tank with a bit of Garlic Extreme (?), but should I do anything else? Should I set up a QT, or will it stress him out more to move him? What can I do to make him more comfortable until Monday when the stores open again (and I can get there, unlike Saturday)?

    Thanks, Sara

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    Sorry to hear about your clown having ick. There was a thread started a couple days ago. Same thing, clown with Ick. It does look the same as freshwater ick. So if you have seen that, then I am sure your assumptions are right. You may want to read that thread , there was alot of good info there. Theres not much you can do if you can't get anywhere until Monday. There were a few other suggestions that were mentioned, maybe one of those would help you through till monday.
    I have been there with my clowns and I fed garlic and let it run its course. Its been months, and touch wood I haven't seen it since. Good luck!

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    I don't have any experience with ich but I know you're supposed to put the garlic in the food, not in the tank.

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    Yes see the in the Reef forum about the clown problem all the info will pertain to you as well.

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