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    Quiet this sump?

    Hello everyone,

    I'm just setting up my first marine tank and I'm not real familiar with plumbing, so of course I've had some problems. I'm running a simple sump on a 75gallon aquarium. Overflow skimmer running into the sump and water pumping back out. Now this tank is right next to my bed, so my question is, how can I quiet the water entering the sump from the overflow box. If the tube is underwater it's quiet, but it causes some sort of pressure imbalance and thus even more noise in the overflow box. Any quick fixes for this, or even complex ones!


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    Welcome to the Board !

    I dont exactly know how your setup, but these sounds are usually due to air getting sucked in.
    On my setup, I fixed this problem by adding a direct air line in the tube with one of those little regulators at the end. so air goes in.. but no sound comes out..

    On my setup i have a T fitting where the water falls to the sump. one side facing up with a cap and that air tube I was talking about. On the other side is the tube that goes to the sump.

    try to do something similar on your setup.. so you can have it suck air by a little tube instead... should fix it.

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    Are you already using a stand pipe in the overflow box? If not start there. I have made mine quiet by using a stand pipe and I stuffed a 1/2 inch DIA flexible hose down the middle of the stand pipe until it went quiet. the top of the 1/2 inch hose is not higher then the top of the teeth of the overflow box as a fail safe. It is letting the trapped air get out and dose not have an adverse effect on the flow rate with the return pump I am currently using. that's a simple way to get air out of the pipe or you can make a Durso type stand pipe.

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    let me 1st say <img src='' border='0'> to Aquaria Canada and hope you enjoy being a part here.

    Go over this site and read up on the Durso Standpipes.

    See if anything there is useful for your situation. Let us know.

    Give us more details on the overflow. Is it a built-in overflow with the bottom or side of your tank drilled, or is it a hangon?

    Hmmm??? Your situation literally gives a "new" meaning to the saying " Sleeping with the fishies!!" :

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    Thanks for all the info so far.

    It seems though that I may have miscommunicated the problem and/or not given enough info. I'm using a hang-on overflow draining into a tank I'm using as a sump. The hose runs from the overflow directly into that tank. If it is above waterlevel in the sump, the overflow seems to work great, but the running water sound is a bit loud. If it is below the water level, there is no more running water, but the overflow seems to suck dry every minute or so. The standpipe seems to be aimed at correcting the sucking noise in a drilled tank, but I may be confused. Any more input is greatly appreciated. I cna easily live with the noise, but others in my house are a bit irked by it!

    thanks again,


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