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    Criters for 77 gal tank? What do you think?

    What do you think of my clean up crew?

    Will this be enough for a 77 g tank?

    Where/Who has the best pricing?

    45 - Blue Legged Hermits
    6 - Red Scarlet Hermit
    15 - Astrea Snails
    15 - Margarita Snails
    15 - Cerith Snails
    2 - Cleaner Shrimp
    2 - Peppermint Shrimp
    1 - Cucumber - Tiger Tail
    1 - Nudibranch - Lettuce

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    I'd get more snails then crabs, you'll only end up with a small amount of crabs after they finish killing each other off. Kind of a waste if you ask me and empty shells in the tank have very little effect on there aggression in my experience. I've also had some troublesome crabs that would pick at my corals.

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    Many people are skipping crabs altogether in reef tanks now. I don't use hermits at all, they tend to eat snails as well as each other. I'd get some nassarious snails and less astreas. Astreas often don't last long because if they fall over they can't right themselves and unless you happen to notice one upside and upright it they just stay upside down until they die. Conchs are good sand cleaners.

    Also, I wouldn't get a lettuce seaslug (they aren't really nudis although they are sold as nudis) unless you have bryopsis. It is all they will eat.

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    I think you are on the right track. You can read about various opinions of snails vs. crabs etc. and decide for yourself. I myself am pro-hermit crab.

    I would suggest though, that you get two tiger-tails for the size of your tank, or add a couple of conch's...something a little more than your original list to keep the surface of your sand bed clean (BTW: what kind of sand bed do you have).

    As for the nudi, I'd do more research, or just skip it outright. Nudi's eat very specifac stuff, and if there isn't enough of it they will just starve.

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    I have mostly Caribian crushed coral substrate.

    My tank is mostly LR not a lot of substrate. I was worried if there would not be enough substrate for the tiger tails.

    What are conch's...AS in the gaint Ocean shell fish that people collect the shells of?

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    Depending on the amount of food available to the cleaner crew, i'd say what u (LFS) suggested is pretty high in count, i would half that. i'm running with 15 astrea, 15 B.leg hermits, 1 emerald crab, 1 cleaner shrimp and 1 blood shrimp in a 90g.
    No big problem mixing snails with crab, if the food is available for them.:thatway: add slowly and u will see the change in the tank and know when its enough.

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    Does any body have any links regarding the pros and cons of mixing snails and Hermits with regards to reef keeping.

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