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    Where to buy glass?

    Does anyone know where I can buy custom-cut pieces of glass in the Peel/Halton/Downtown (Toronto) area?

    I am wanting to build a 375-gallon terrarium, but I don't know where to look for the glass.

    David Liles

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    Type Miracles in Glass in Mississauga on Cardiff (Derry/Tomken)They make aquariums. Not sure if they temper the glass in house.

    There is also a glass company in Rexdale...near Martin Grove and Rexdale BLVD..I think it's near or on Racine.
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    yellow pages,give a bunch of glass companys your measurments, and take the best price or call a few back and get them to price match or do better. Thats what I did and I built my 500g. You get to know the price of glass pretty quick this way and you can find out who's out to burn ya.

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