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    How to get rid of aiptasia

    How do you get rid of this stuff. Only 2 or 3 there now but I dont want them to spread they are only competing with the corals for nutriants.

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    Joe's Juice gets rid of the ones you see in 30 seconds. Peppermint shrimp will also get rid of them if your lucky.


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    I read somewhere...That Peppermint shrimp are better at ridding Aiptasia than Copper Bands as they remove the whole thing, and C/bands leave the base behind and it grows back, most notably seen when the C/band is removed from the tank.
    Just some interesting info....
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    Keep the info coming. Going to see about the peppermint shrimp selection at the LFS today. Thanks for the advice so far guys.

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    I beg to differ. Copperbands will eat them right down till nothing is left!!
    I personally will NEVER put any type of Peppermint shrimp in my tank. There are many types of these and some are very destructive. You are gambling everytime you add them. I have often read of people having them attack their corals such as the types that are fuzzy like Pocillipora, Seriatopora, along with various LPS and now they can't get them out. I have even seen some friends use them only to have them attack and do much damage to their Pocilliporas. Also, they will often not even touch the Aiptasia.

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    I have two types of peppermints in my tank and neither touch aiptasia. The first copperband I had ate them but the one I have now doesn't. If you just have a few aiptasia I'd just use Joe's Juice and get rid of them now.

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    ill have some of that too:thumb:

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    I agree with everyone!! Fish & shrimp seem to have selective tastes within the specis & that using fish or shrimp is 50/50 chance of working from what I've seen. Sometimes great..some times not at all.
    Go with Joe for sure results if you're worried about it.
    I've noticed that raising kids & fish are similar: Patience & dedication really pays off!

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    Joes Juice - Now this stuff kills APP in seconds

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    heniochus eat them every time!and I have never had any problems with them-they are very hardy!&reef safe!hyeah:

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