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    set up question.

    hello!!!!! to all members of this fine club.
    Finally after making desitions and pricing all the equipment
    I have finally decided to start with my 33 gallon tank.
    the 1 million dollar question are?
    what kind of skimmer would you recomend for a 33g.
    how many power heads and how big?
    heather how many and what wattage?
    how much live rock and sand?
    lights.....I will be buying a canopy with dual lights
    very expensive thing lol. But I must. flurecent lights?
    WHO lights? what kind of lights? .Eventually I will
    have corals. And last but not least fish? what kinds and
    how many.
    I want to forehand thank you all..for the help this will
    bring to my set up . Only the ones who have been in my
    shoes know the beggining of this fun hobby....which at
    times can be fustrating and over all expensive.
    once again thank you all for your output. Yellowtang.

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    first off welcome.....

    i have a 35g tank.

    to answer your questions on lighting we really need to know what live stock you wish to keep (corals??)

    many people either use crushed coral or a deep sand bed (DSB) DSB is supposed to be best if you can find the proper sand. I have a bak pak 2R skimmer, emperior 400 filter, one power head and a 125w ebo jager heater. usually 1-2 lbs of rock per gallon of water (closer to 2 is usually best) if you want to keep corals dont waste your money on crappy lights now, just buy the ones you want now that way you dont waste money now. VHO's are nice.... VHO plus MH are even better....but then the price goes up to...hahaha...

    keep the questions comming!

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    Is this system going to have a sump?

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    Hello again.....
    sump?. I would think that A 33g tank would have no need
    for sump.What do you think?. lights maybe a WHO.
    so many uncertainties at this hobby. Maybe I will start with
    fish only......skimmer? what is the best?

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    Yellowtang .... IMO the smaller the tank the more reason to have as big a sump as you can fit in the tank stand or close enough to it to be effective. The more total water volume your complete system consists of the more stable it will be. Things change somewhat slower in larger water volumes. If you could add even a 10 gallon sump you will have increased your water volume by more then 25 percent. In a nutshell ... the smaller the tank the bigger the need for a sump.

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