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    sand bed cleanup

    my sand bed needs help!! I have 1 black cucumber, and a few astrea snails, but I've heard nassarius are really good? ANyone have any suggestions? It's pretty messy if I move any rocks around...just a great big swirl of gunk. Thanks

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    there are several options. there are a few different species of sandsifting gobies that could go in your tank IMO. there are also pistol shrimp, fighting conchs, brittle stars(not sure what kind you should get though), and nasarius snails which are great. get a bunch of em. i know wrasses take shelter and sleep in the sand bed but im not sure if they would be good for your tank size. HTH but it would be good to hear an expert's opinion though

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    My favourite sand bed fluffers are cucumbers, conchs, and hermit crabs. My blue legs are constantly picking away at it, and my giant hermit was the very best. He kept the top 1/4 inch totally clean. JMO.
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    Sand Bed, Well I have a 65 Hexogon with about 60 pounds of rock (have done a rock wall style with two caves on the verticle). At least half of the bottom crushed coral I can't get to because of the depth, and rock. If I look under the tank from the bottom I can see how much silt has built up back there. The front is fine, I have a sifter Goby, sifter Star, that really look after the front half because its in the open.
    I picked up a pair, Pistal shrimp, and a Candy cane Goby. They have moved (in two weeks) about 40% of the area that I couldn't get to. They are constantly working away pushing the crushed coral around under the rock areas I could never get too. Problem for me though,,,,I onlt get to see them from looking underneth the tank!!! Mind you, the noise the Pistal shrimp makes lets me know he's still alive too!!!

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    your cucumber should do the work,nassarius snails are good
    so are cerith snail,stay away from "sand sifting" star,brittle star is good.they will dig under your rocks and that is wher you want it.stay away from green colored one(get big and like to eat fish)
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