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    My new 100 reef system

    Here is a link to photos and commentary

    Any comments and advice would always be appreciated.

    The system was designed and built by Tom and Flavio at Oakville Reef Gallery, Oakville Ontario, and I cannot thank them enough.

    JackovSpades (a total newbie but learning fast!)

    100 gallon glass tank on metal stand
    Internal acrylic overflow box
    200 lb Caribsea gravel
    120 lb Live rock - mixed Fiji/Bali
    Ice Cap 660 VHO ballast with 2 actinic florescents
    3 - HQI Canopies with 250W 14K double end bulbs and electronic ballasts
    2 - Ice Cap variable speed fans
    4 - Timers for lights with remote overide
    Custom top and bottom made by Shamar Custom Millwork Toronto

    6’ x 2’ - 150 gallon custom glass sump
    Euro-Reef 8-3Plus Protein Skimmer
    Power Compact 2 x 65 W Refugium light
    EBO Jager 250W heater

    SpectraPure Four stage RO+DI with shut-off kit
    2 food grade water holding tanks

    Sequence 1/3 HP pressure pump

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    nice aquascaping there buddy,great setup. let me be the first to welcome you:beer:

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    That's a VERY nice looking setup you have there JackovSpades. Welcome to the forum.

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    I like the rocks.
    where did you get them?

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    Here's an official [welcome2] to Aquaria Canada. Hope you enjoy it here for a long time!!!!

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